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TLC Animal Rescue PR, is a non-profit Organization, that is dedicated to the rescue of homeless, abandoned, and abused animals. We provide the care, love and respect they need so that they can be adopted once they are properly vaccinated and sterilized.
We are also focused on education about the importance of spaying and neutering of animals with the aim of reducing the number of unwanted animals that end up on the street or in shelters where they put them to sleep. We are a newly formed, however our founding organization, I have been rescuing (11) Years. We are seeking to expand foster care homes in order to attend to more animals in need.
All of the animals we rescue are under our care are sterilized or neutered and are properly vaccinated. They receive love, food, shelter and medical attention if necessary in what is a home filled with love for always. Our Organization is completely dependent on donations from the public. 100% of donations are used in the care of the animals. We are an organization 501c (3) non-profit non-profit and your donation can der deducted from their payroll or tax.
Your donations are what keeps our organization alive.
If you have any questions before making your donation you may call (787) 244-1964
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TLC Animal Rescue PR
Social responsibility is an ethical framework and suggests that an entity, be it an organization or individual, has an obligation to act for the benefit of society at large.
Social responsibility is a duty every individual has to Protect and Help, an animal in need.


Tamara L. Canino, Founder of TLC Animal Rescue PR. I was born in Dorado, Puerto Rico, and was established in the town of Dorado, although after the years I left for the United States. In 2009 returns to the island, motivated by a job offer and was from that moment that “Tammy” as she is known, began this journey of animal rescue. Arriving at PR, she encountered the problem that exists for Feral or stray animals. Initially it began with just feeding all the dogs that she saw. This was all, since she did not have neither experience nor resources to do more so. However the Critical Situation that faced this Island with abandoned and unwanted animals in the streets affected her so much that she decided to do more for them.
It was then when i began to collaborate with other organizations to provide support as a Foster Home, economic, transporting dogs to different places and moving them to U.S. With time I decided to create my own organization. TLC Animal Rescue, PR, is an organization that is registered in the Department of State and is a 501 c (3) Not for Profit Organization. Currently the organization focuses on education to society and prevention through sterilization, castration, and vaccination. We give refuge to animals in the street and offer them love, respect and treatment that they deserve while they are adopted or sent to No-Kill Shelters or Organizations in the Mainland



TLC Animal Rescue, PR is a volunteer based organization, non-governmental, non-profit, which promotes education and the respect for animals and the adoption of rescued animals from the streets, through campaigns for Spay and Neuter as a effective method to combat the overpopulation of unwanted animals. It is aimed to help stray and abandoned animals giving shelter and decent treatment to find a home.



To Ensure a better future for rescued, neglected, and abused animals. To Achieve awareness of respect for the animals of our country. Become an Elite organization through the help of external resources and other organizations willing to take action in terms of promoting sterilization and castration, respect, protection and rights of animals.